Marshall University Black Alumni (MUBA) was organized in 1978 with the sole purpose of bringing together African American graduates for a common goal. 

Active membership in this organization consists of:

  • Former Marshall University students who have received academic credit and whose respective classes have graduated,
  • Persons who have been awarded degrees or diplomas from Marshall University,
  • Persons who have made an annual contribution of fifteen dollars ($15) or more to the Marshall University of the organization at the annual my Black Alumni, Inc. “Sons of Marshall” during the current calendar year,
  • Persons who are life members of the organization.

Honorary membership into the Marshall University Black Alumni, Inc. may be conferred upon friends, faculty members, administrative staff, and benefactors of Marshall University who may or may not have attended Marshall, but whose services the organization desires to recognize. 

Such membership shall be awarded only upon approval of the body of the organization at the annual meeting.

MUBA Officers & Meetings

Elected Executive Board Officers (effective January 2023


Ms. LaKeisha Barron-Brown
MU Graduate 1998
MU Masters Graduate 2002

Vice President

Mr. Derek Anderson
MU Graduate 2000


Mr. Timothy Wilburn, Jr.
MU Masters Graduate 2007


Dr. Candace Layne
MU Graduate 2004
MU Masters Graduate 2006

The Annual Membership meetings are convened each year during Homecoming Weekend.

The Executive Board / Committee shall meet at the call of the MUBA President or any other member of the Executive Board / Committee with the MUBA President’s approval.

The organization of Marshall University Black Alumni, Inc. offers anyone, who qualifies to be a MUBA members, to become a lifetime MUBA member. 

Those who wish to become a lifetime member pays a one-time membership fee of $500 made payable to MUBA. In addition, to becoming a lifetime member, you will receive a lifetime MUBA Pin, reduced registration fee at all MUBA events and be recognized at the Annual Homecoming Celebration as a lifetime member.