MUBA Scholarship Information


Current Scholarships

MU Black Alumni currently offers two scholarships:

  1. Nate Ruffin Scholarship 
  2. Janis Winkfield Scholarship

These Marshall University Black Alumni Scholarships are awarded to  Marshall University students annually.

The 2019 Marshall University Black Alumni Scholarship winners are Japri Miller - 2019 Nate Ruffin Scholarship and  Ellison Bryson, III - 2019 Janis Winkfield Scholarship.  

Black Alumni is also in the process of establishing a third scholarship, the Fran Jackson Scholarship. 

Click here for more information about donating to the Fran Jackson Scholarship or other MUBA Scholarships.


2019 Nate Ruffin Scholarship and 2019 Janis Winkfield Scholarship Awards

Marshall University Black Alumni has awarded the 2019 Nate Ruffin Scholarship and 2019 Janis Winkfield Scholarship.  

Japri Miller is The Nate Ruffin Scholarship Winner.  Ellison Bryson, III is The Janis Winkfield Scholarship Winner.  Each scholarship will award $1000 for the 2019 - 2020 Academic School Year.

The 2019 MUBA scholarship winners are pictured below with MUBA President Tamara Eubanks.

Marshall University students will receive information during the 2019 - 2020 school year for the 2020 Marshall University Black Alumni Scholarships.  


MUBA Scholarship Application Process

MUBA initiates the MUBA Scholarship application process around December or January each Academic year.

The Applicants will either bring their completed applications to the MU Center for African American Students located in the Memorial Student Center, room 1W25. 

Applicants can mail their completed application to MU Black Alumni at the following address:

Marshall University Black Alumni, Inc.

P.O. Box 2243

Huntington, WV 25723-2243

Applicants can also e-mail their completed application form to MU Black Alumnii at the following e-mail address:

The 2020 scholarship winners will be announced at the Marshal University Alumni Association's Awards Banquet during April 2020.