Greetings from MU Black Alumni


Message from outgoing 2019 MUBA President

Marshall University Black Alumni's primary mission is to help African American students be successful in their educational endeavors and their post education careers.

I was proud to serve as the President for Marshall Black Alumni from January 2016 through December 2019.  Please welcome our new MUBA officers for January 2020 through December 2021.  

I will do all that I can to ensure a smooth transition to the new Marshall University Black Alumni officers and to support our mission.   


MUBA Officers for January 2020 through December 2021

During Homecoming 2019 annual business meeting, there was an election of MUBA officers for a new term for 2020 and 2021.  


Elected Executive Board Officers (effective January 2020)

President - Mr. Harold Rashad Sanders, MU Graduate 2007

Vice President – Ms. Shaunte Polk, MU Graduate 2009

Treasurer – Mr. Christopher Taylor, MU Graduate 2008

Secretary – Ms. Deanna Bailey, MU Graduate 2011, MU Masters Graduate 2013

These new officers are members of a MUBA alumni group known as O3P.   This group of alumni will be focused on expanding the breadth and depth of the reach and success of MUBA.  The group will have six (6) areas that they will use to achieve the proposed growth.


  • Connect with graduates during their respective graduations.
  • Targeted communication and engagement of graduates during their first 2 years as alumni.
  • Increase communications and engagement of alumni who have graduated 5 or more years ago.


  • Increase the funds for the organization.
  • Increase the yearly contributions to the various scholarships.
  • Establish a signature event that will serve as a revenue source for the organization.
  • Establish virtual fundraisers that engage a large portion of the alumni base.


  •  Establish communication with diverse graduate school graduates.
  • Create meet ups that engage black alumni on a local level.


  • Bring back the Black Alumni Network (BAN) that will engage currently enrolled black and undergraduate and graduate students to meet and network with current black alumni.
  • Create opportunities for BAN / MUBA to have networking events with current and future alumni.

Time and Talent

  • Cultivate the talent that lies within MUBA.
  • Create a database that tracks the areas of expertise of alumni so that recent graduates can connect with seasoned professionals in their career fields.


  • Engage local alumni to archive memories and achievements.
  • Create a stronger relationship between MUBA and Huntington.
  • Increase the engagement of local businesses. 


Marshall University Black Alumni Schoarships


Marshall University Black Alumni has awarded the 2019 Nate Ruffin Scholarship and 2019 Janis Winkfield Scholarship.  

Japri Miller is The 2019 Nate Ruffin Scholarship Winner.  Ellison Bryson, III is The 2019 Janis Winkfield Scholarship Winner.  

Marshall University students will receive information during the 2019 - 2020 school year for the 2020 Marshall University Black Alumni Scholarships.  

Click here for more information about the Marshall University Black Alumni Scholarships.

MU Black Alumni General Information

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